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by Andrew Myers
    Always in Progress

Andrew Myers - Musical Resume

Andy Myers was born with a silver bass guitar in his mouth. After many failed attempts, it was not possible to remove it without causing serious damage...however.... When Andy went to college, his friend Jay showed him how to play an electric guitar, and although Andy decided he wanted to play lead guitar, he simple was terrible at it.

So he traveled off to a mystical place and after months of silent meditation and deep introspection - he decided to accept himself as the "bottom dweller" he was meant to be...and reached into his mouth, grabbed the silver bass, and Mystically, like Arthur grabbing Excalibur,he slid the instrument out of his mouth and played along with Jack Bruce on SWLABR. It was love at first twang....

He has not stopped playing EVER...except for that short period between 1978 and 1992 when he was busy raising his two boys and coaching little league, but other than that, andy has played his bass, focusing on and crediting Moby Grape's bassist Bob Mosley as the other great bassist that has influenced his style.
When asked to join SNAP Andy jumped in...or crawled in... and he loves the music, the band, and the folks that come to hear this special type of music.