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by Gene Halloran
    Always in Progress

Gene Halloran - Career Update

Gene Halloran, long acknowledged by everyone as the "Cleanest Man in Show Business" played his "last" gig with SNAP Jazz Band on March 21, 2011 at Riddle Village in Media, PA. Personal committments made it too difficult for Gene to give his usual 200% to the band, and that was unacceptable to Gene. SNAP Jazz Band realizes that Gene's decision was a hard one for him to make and we want Gene to know that we loved everything he brought to the band. We look forward to seeing Gene at practices and gigs when his time permits. Andy Myers now takes the stage with SNAP Jazz Band as our Bassist.
Gene, on behalf of each member of SNAP Jazz Band and all of the Fans you brought joy to, good luck and thank you for so many great and irreplaceable memories.

Gene Halloran - Musical Resume

Commonly known as Gene, as a wee little kid, music was one of his greatest comforts. There were no musical instruments around the house except his Mom’s voice and, of course, that traditional American folk instrument known as the clock radio. He’d learn, by heart, the words to all of his favorite songs played by the jocks on WIBG. The wonderful pop sounds of Elvis, The Platters, Fats Domino, The Drifters, Buddy Holly and all of the early rock and roll and rhythm and blues heroes filled his ears and left their indelible mark.

His first concert in 1964 at age 11 was the big one, the huge one, “The Beatles”. What a way to start a rock and roll journey of great concerts! That was it! After The Beatles experience, Gene knew that he couldn’t be an innocent bystander when it came to music. He begged his mother for a guitar but she couldn’t afford one. She was a waitress supporting a family on a meager wage. She bought him a harmonica and said, “If you stick with this I will get you a guitar”. He did, and she did, too! His first guitar was a beat up Fender Telecaster, soon to be followed by a mail order Lafayette amp, with tremolo and reverb on board. Oh my lucky, lucky neighbors!

Gene met Gary Gerace in 1970; they started playing in a garage band with school buddies. Learning Little Richard, Beatles, Stones and other cool stuff with his band mates as fast as they could. Gary and Gene were musical soul brothers, and they played together for many years. Gene started on the 6 string but switched to 4 string and found his stride on the electric bass. Garage bands, high school rock groups, Beatle wannabes, wedding bands, punk bands, top forty bar bands, but best of all original music.

Gene went on to play in several semi-successful top forty bands. Doing the hotel lounge and bar circuits, still chasing that elusive big break in music. Disenchanted with the scene and after a lot of heart aching bad experiences and rip off artists, he decided to pursue a more traditional job. He now owns and operates a successful small business. These days Gene plays music with good friends for fun. Yeah, fun! Remember where this musical journey began?

Oh, the bands that Gene performed with (at least the ones he can remember): along with song writing, recording sessions and various musical projects through the years. Farm Report, Floating Opera, Square Orange, Faceless Children. Festival, Tumble Box, The Firm, Fox Fire. The Beverly Hills Area Elementary School Jazz Band Directed by (the one and only) Brad Schoener And now, Ladies and gentlemen by invitation… SNAP