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by Steve Mignogna
    Always in Progress

Steve Mignogna - Musical Resume

Commonly known as Steve to his peers, he is the Drummer of SNAP.

Steve, at the early and tender age of 54, began drumming on his mother's pots & pans in the kitchen cupboard, he rapidity realized that this untapped musical ability could transcend into a great world renowned musical début with a little know (at the time) "SNAP" band.

He began his career with an old beat-up set of Slingerland drums (didn't pay much) from the 60's, until drum manufactures from all over the world tried to convince him to sponsor their kits. While having many opportunities to perform with expensive kits belonging to many great Jazz drummers, he still, (due to the financial stability of the "SNAP" paying gigs) plays with his original Slingerland kit.

The most noted aspect of his playing, remarks Steve, is his versatility.. "I love being able to play soft and sweet for the ballads...but at a moment's notice, I can scream out a Rock&Roll solo. I think my versatility is my strongest trait as a player."

Until his untimely death (which only seems evident when he's playing) he will continue his great drumming career with the many great musicians and the dear, beloved, friends of "SNAP".

His drum kit (I hope) will become part of the Drummers Hall Of Fame (DHOF for short) and will be presented by his fellow Jazz musicians of SNAP and will follow his final "lay out"

Steve is available for private lesson instruction.