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by Tyler Travis
    Always in Progress

Tyler Travis - Musical Resume

Tyler began his musical career at age 9 in his hometown of Milford PA when his loving mother Ethel gave him his first guitar. It was an inexpensive acoustic no-name model, but it enabled Tyler to take lessons from Phil Judd, a regional legend. When Tyler was 11 years old and living in Hialeah, FL, his loving mother Ethel bought him his first electric guitar, a Teisco E-100 which came with small a guitar amplifier. This enabled Tyler to join his first band with two schoolmates, Fred and Larry. As the years went by, Tyler was in a number of garage bands, often with his brother Jim.
His first gig was at the East Stroudsburg, PA "Battle of the Bands" in 1969 with his brother Jim and longtime friend Chris Knight performing under the name "The Love Muscle". Just to make sure no one misunderstood the meaning of the name, a drawing of "one" was painted on the bass drum. It was a very large crowd and Tyler was bitten by the bug for good.
Jim went on to play in many bands over the years up and down the east coast in many top Rock Palaces. Chris (son of the late Science Fiction author Damon Knight - notable for the "How to Serve Man" episode on "The Twilight Zone with Rod Serling") went on to found "The Los Angeles Recording Workshop" in Los Angles CA. In 2004, Chris sold his school to Full Sail. It is now known as "The Los Angeles Recording School".
Later bands, "Storm" in the Pocono Mountains, and Leuce Chanje in the West Chester PA area, provided Tyler with many opportunities for paying gigs in Rock and Disco venues such as clubs, Harley Davidson store openings, amusement parks, and private parties.
It was while Tyler was in the West Chester area during the mid to late 1970s that Tyler formalized his musical education by learning Music Theory at Beam's Music in Exton PA from Mike Rubins, guitarist for "The Jack Daniels Blues Band". He followed that up with some lessons at West Chester Music with John Lilley, guitarist of the internationally famous band "The Hooters" , known for many hits including "Time After Time" performed by Cyndi Lauper.
Capitalizing on his new-found musical education and early morning work schedule as a milk man, Tyler worked very hard over the next couple of years practicing for 6-7 hours a day, writing and arranging and recording his own compositions. He was able to apply all of his efforts every weekend in an informal progressive rock band where many of the regions best musical artists visited and performed on a revolving basis.
As luck would have it, just as Tyler hit his peak, the bottom fell out of the rock and jazz world when Disco became the rage. The venues necessary to promote his music no longer hired bands, but instead had Disk Jockeys.
Tyler decided to accept an offer to join the family business, Keer Maurer - a Custom Broker and Export firm - and became licensed, eventually becoming Vice-President and manager of the Import department.
Shortly after marrying in 1982, Tyler conceived Lava Records and Volcano Publishing in order to provide a label and publisher for his private recording studio efforts. In July of 1986, Lava Records and Volcano Publishing were legally established in Pennsylvania. It was during this period until the mid 1990s, while he and his wife raised his son and musically talented daughter, that Tyler wrote, arranged, and recorded many songs. Tyler holds 25 copyrights registered with the Library of Congress.
In 2003, Gene Halloran invited Tyler to join SNAP Jazz Band as Lead and Rhythm guitarist. Tyler passed the audition and the rest is history in the making.