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by Gene Halloran
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Rob Hermans - Career Update

How can one member of SNAP Jazz Band be in the Hall of Fame for two instruments? That is an easy feat for Rob. Is there anything this man can't do? Apparently not. Rob, keyboardist, demo recording engineer, and founding member, had left the SNAP Jazz Band to resume his lifelong career as a Bass Player. Rob's first "last" gig with SNAP Jazz Band as keyboardist was on November 19, 2005 at Collingdale Banquet Hall. Rob returned to the roster as SNAP Jazz Band Bassist in September 2007. Rob took over for Gene. In January 2008, personal committments made it too difficult for Rob to give his usual 200% to the band. Gene has now returned the favor and replaced Rob on Bass. Good luck Rob. You will always be a SNAP member.

Rob Hermans - Musical Resume

A native of the UK, Rob spent the early to mid-sixties playing in British Rock ‘n’ Roll bands such as The Pathfinders and Black Orchid, recording one incredibly unsuccessful single. Regularly seen in the British club scene, (and sometimes WITH his bass), Rob also appeared at the famous London Palladium in 1967, an experience he describes as “unbelivably awesome”. He then joined the Glyn Dryhurst Showband for an extensive Southern European tour, playing NATO and US military bases as well as in jazz clubs.
In 1971 Rob arrived in the US after stowing away on a Tasmanian coal freighter, and for fifteen years performed with the popular Philly banquet band Exit as bassist and backup vocals. He then took some time off to raise his two sons before resuming his musical career by founding and playing keyboards for SNAP Jazz Band, and now as bassist for SNAP Jazz Band as well as for City Line Swing, a jazz/cocktail trio based in the burbs.